The two of us started SugarTown right here in Louisville, Kentucky and welcome everyone on our vintage style journey. What initially began as a casual side venture gradually evolved into something far beyond our wildest expectations. We seized the opportunity to establish a brick-and-mortar store, originally intended as a six-month pop-up experiment. However, after six months of juggling our existing jobs and managing the store, we decided to forge ahead. A year of relentless seven-day workweeks later, we mustered the courage to bid adieu to our former employment and wholeheartedly pursue our passion.

Our primary objective is to foster an atmosphere of comfort where everyone can bask in their best and most fashionable selves. We firmly believe that vintage fashion should be all-inclusive, and we spare no effort in offering an extensive range of sizes. Our ultimate aim is to deliver the most distinctive vintage shopping experience possible. Whether you visit our Louisville store, conveniently located in Nulu, or opt for one of our renowned Mystery Outfit Bags, rest assured that you will receive nothing short of the finest curated vintage selections!